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Moley is a charming young mole
who lives deep in a burrow under Windsor Castle, in the city of MoleTown. He is The Keeper of the Mystical Manual of Magic (or Manny). Each day he's invited to participate in events, learn about mole customs and share his knowledge of the human world.
Moley is an English mole who is
funny, lovable and endearing. In his earlier years he never quite fitted in with the other moles in MoleTown, but since he became The Keeper of the Mystical Manual of Magic and the most famous mole in the entire world, things are different...
Manny is a flying, free-spirited,
mysterious, super mischievous magical book. Manny goes wherever Moley goes and possesses untold magical abilities, although these rarely work as planned.
Dotty is Moley's next-burrow
neighbour and number one fan. She is always tinkering with inventions and has her own special tunnel network which takes her anywhere in town with a flick of a lever that's the plan anyway.
Mishmosh is the zany planner of
the city of Mole Town. He is its most famous inventor and lives in City Hole, where he dreams up amazing, futuristic new innovations for the best mole society on the planet. Mishmosh is Dotty's uncle, and he loves coming up with inventions just for her.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is Moley's best friend
and confidant. She's a stylish mole tuned in to different cultures and languages and she travels round the world on work commitments. She often accompanies Moley on adventures and lends a dose of common sense to his pie-in-the-sky ideas.
The Gardener
The Gardener is the lifelong enemy
of Moley. After being transformed into a mole himself in the Winter Special, he is now in MoleTown. He has teamed up with Squirm the Worm, a hardened enemy of moles. Together they do all they can to capture Manny and use his magical powers.
Squirm is the Gardener's trusted
companion who he always relies on when it comes to his latest scheme to capture Manny. This loveable worm enjoys all the mischief and mayhem he gets pulled into even if (or rather when) things go horribly wrong.
Mystic Mole
In every MoleTown there is an
Elder Mole, revered and honoured for wisdom and knowledge. Mystic Mole is a wise, mysterious Elder with a sense of humour. Now that Moley has taken his place in history, Mystic offers him sage advice - which usually turns out to be rather confusing!
Lester owns the chain of Cafe
Moley's, Mole Town's favourite destinations for friends to meet. He's an entrepreneur who owns other stores, restaurants, businesses and he's always on the lookout for his next great deal. He's larger than the average mole - and he's a gentle giant.
Old Coot
Old Coot is a lively member of
Moletown's grand elders. Wise but massively misunderstood. His favourite expression is: "The end is nigh!". Somehow, Old Coot always finds himself at the centre of the action and is never short of an explanation as to what is going on.
Mr&Mrs Mole
Moley's parents are the polar
opposites of each other. Mrs Moley is loving, caring, loud and affectionate and can't stop spoiling her very special son. Mr Moley is old fashioned and suspicious. He doesn't understand the "magical book" mumbo jumbo, or Moley's celebrity status.
Melony & Milo
Melony and Milo are best friends
and work in Cafe Moley, where Moley and all his friends gather. Melony and Milo are wisecracking baristas and when they're not working they relax with a Mocha Molatte. They are proud to make it known that they are best friends with Moley.
Miss Petunia
Miss Petunia is the matriarch of
Moletown. Always dressed to impress - her clothes are colourful and somewhat controversial to say the least. She's unconventional and unforgettable. Never short of an opinion, this bubbly busybody keeps preaching her gospel to anyone who listens.